Hired! Education Making a Difference

Dear Mr. Franco,

I would like to start off by saying Thank You for your time at the University of New Haven yesterday. I enjoyed the entire seminar and my time face to face with you, I greatly appreciate the words of wisdom you shared not only with me but the entire auditorium. That was a very unique experience for me being able to speak directly with men of such importance like yourself and receive some meaningful advice. I again thank you and look forward to possibly working with you and your corporation in the future.

Dylan Zimmerman

Dear Joe,

I wanted to personally thank you once again. I received a number of emails from students expressing their gratitude for us hosting the event. They were also talking about it in class.
I think your message really hit home and that is what we wanted.
Thus, thank you again for your time and assistance in preparing the future generation of sport executives.

Gil Fried, University of New Haven

“Hired Education spoke to more than 60 of our college scholarship
recipients. From freshmen to alumni, the team from Hired connected with
each and every student, helping them to see–from their individual
perspectives–how to reach their goals after graduation. ”

– Maria Montalvo, Executive Director, Corvias Foundation


Wow! Having the guys from Hired Education come speak with our foundation (Corvias) really gave us all a lot of insight to the accomplishments we can make. Their stories were not only inspiring but they were encouraging in a way that sparked enthusiasm in the group. I’m hopeful to get the privilege to hear them speak again at future conventions.

– Sandy Wood, Dual Bachelors Degree in Global & International Studies and Political Science, The University of Kansas.
Joe — Thank you (and your partners) for taking the time to present at the symposium on Thursday. It was a pleasure to participate in the event. Even with 13 years in the industry at this point, I found the event to serve as great professional development that reinforced my own personal goals and ambitions and the steps that I’m taking along the way to reach those heights.

Michael Kobylanski, Associate A.D./Communications, Southern Connecticut State University



Mr. Franco — How’s it going, hope all is well. Just wanted to let you know I just accepted a Full-Time Prod Assistant Position over in ESPN Radio. Once again, I’ll forever be indebted to you for the impact you had in my young career. Anything I can ever do to lend a hand, you let me know.

Steve Perrotta



Good Evening Bob, I just wanted to send you a quick message to say thank you for your words of encouragement, and knowledge at Post University last week! It is great to know that there are programs like yours in existence! The work all of you are doing is fantastic for my generation and for that I must say thank you!

Joey Abis
General Manager, Torrington Titans

Dear Mr. Franco, My name is Zach Ahmed, I had the pleasure of meeting you at the career development symposium presented at Post University on Thursday 4/17. I am a young passionate graduate student, set to graduate in just a few weeks, and this presentation really opened my eyes and helped me focus more on what really is important when presenting myself to potential employers when heading into the professional world. Knowing that I will soon have a master’s degree has made me both excited as well as nervous. I am excited to move on into the working world but the fear of going into this part of my life with little certainty is quite nerve-racking. However, hearing you and your colleagues speak in depth about your individual experiences, urging us to be confident in our skills, explaining the importance of setting ourselves apart, advocating self-expression and always having the ambition to keep working toward our goals has absolutely calmed my nerves and the fear I once felt has been diminished. One of the most valuable things that I took away from this seminar was that I needed to be able to tell my story in a way that will blow away employers. I need to be better able to express to them the skills that I have developed, the desire to execute those skills to the best of my ability and the drive to never settle for anything less than success. I am extremely confident in my ambition, work ethic and transferable skills and I am working tirelessly to seek out opportunities to prove myself as a professional. I deeply respect what you and your colleagues have accomplished as professionals in the sports industry. I truly appreciate any feedback that you can give me and I look forward to hearing from you very soon. Sincerely, Zacharia Ahmed Graduate Assistant Student Athlete Support Services Fairleigh Dickinson University       I wanted to provide feedback for Joe Franco.  Roughly 4 years ago, I was put in contact with Joe at ESPN, and that first conversation changed my entire life.  Through Joe’s excellent mentoring, and communication skills, he was able to enhance my resume and bring out the best work I had to offer.  Joe was often an outlet for me; especially when I was struggling with job applications.  Joe would always encourage me to work harder and to continue battling it out.  Needless to say, I have been at ESPN for 3 years now much in part to Joe Franco.  His countless time spent on providing critical resume feedback, and reinforcing my strengths has led me to become the person I am today.  I cannot personally thank Joe enough for everything he has done, and he is someone I would fully endorse anytime for his skills. Ryan Mongillo     Hello! My name is Nicky Connery. I met you at Quinnipiac University on March 28 for the Media Mashup Career Fair. I went to the Read Aim Hired seminar and learned a lot of the job search process. For one, I know their is a lot more I can do to better prepare myself and develop ways to showcase myself. After the seminar, I visited your table and critiqued my resume. I really appreciate the pointers because I am always happy to learn from experienced people who have been through the process and are very willing to help. I have updated my resume several times and I expect to do it several more. Especially because you taught me to be specific with it, according to which company I am giving it to. Which clearly makes sense and I don’t know how i did not think of it before. I learned a lot at the career fair, and it encouraged me to attend another networking event in NYC. I also was given amazing advice there as well. I remember you telling me how important it is to just ask if people need help or volunteers because it would be great experience for me. So since the networking event, I have gotten in contact with a lot of people from back home and just asked how they were doing, asked about their kids, you know, relevant things that show I remember and care. I have been increasing my communication with people immensely. I obviously want to learn as much as I can through internships and volunteering, but my situation with hockey, having no car and being from Canada makes that difficult. I have offered my help to current and old teachers for anything they may need assistance with. I already got a response from an old teacher to be on-camera for a promo video for our School of Communications on April 25th. So, I am very excited to be of help :). So again, I really wanted to thank you for the advice you gave me. You were so kind and so willing to help me and I truly appreciate that. I wish you all the best and hope everything is going well. Would love to hear back from you, Nicky Connery     Hello Mr. Franco! My name is Ling, we met in Torp Theatre, Davidson Hall at CCSU on Thursday (04/03) for your lecture to the athletics department. I was not one of the athletes but the technician from Event Management. Hopefully you remember me. I’m currently a senior studying Management Information Systems in the School of Business at CCSU. ​ Firstly, I’m writing to thank you and your friends for coming here to give us the lecture. I know it doesn’t mean much coming from me but it’s greatly appreciated. After the lecture you had a brief conversation with my co-workers and I that left an impression on me. You mentioned there are companies who hire all these skilled students but they lack the most basic formalities such as they are always late to work or doesn’t know how to dress appropriately which makes you wonder why there were hired in the first place because those skills can be easily taught. I have those formalities but I don’t believe I have skills to market myself in a way that would be attractive for recruiters. This way I can’t get past the first door to show how I can be beneficial for the organization. I’d like any advice in general you would have for me to help me secure a stable career. I do not have personal preference for any company nor anything much really. I’m rather easy going. I understand it might be difficult because I’m practically a stranger to you, I’ve attached my most recent resume for your reference. Thank you once again! Ling Xuan Tang School of Business (Management Information Systems) Central Connecticut State University