Preparing Students For Their Professional Lives
Preparing Students For Their Professional Lives

About Us

Hired! Education, in partnership with athletic departments, career services and faculty of educational institutions, is dedicated to enhancing the learning experience of today’s students while setting them on a pathway to professional success.

We know today’s work environment can be highly intimidating! Getting a job is a daunting task. But now, students have an opportunity to place themselves above the competition. How? By utilizing the knowledge and experiences of the professionals at Hired! Education.

Imagine the benefit students will have by getting the “inside” information needed to understand corporate culture and HOW to be fully prepared for the future. Hired! Education’s vast professional experiences and talents bring to students real world knowledge and skills needed to be best positioned for the global economy.

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George Bodenheimer, Chairman Emeritus, ESPN
Kevin McGinniss, President and Chief Executive Officer, Eastern College Athletic Conference
Chris Berman, ESPN Personality
George Grande, Play-by-Play Voice, Cincinnati Reds
Chris LaPlaca, Senior Vice President, Communications, ESPN
Dr. Nwanmegha Young, Yale School of Medicine/Smilow Cancer Center
Sharon Braverman- Associate Dean of Business, Central Connecticut State University
Ed Bona, Manager, Economic Development, State of Connecticut
Davinna Hernandez, HeadSoftball Coach, Southington High School
Major William Miller, USAF (Ret.)
Rosa Gatti, Consultant and retired ESPN SVP Communications Counsel & Corporate Outreach
Mike Boissonneault (Retired) Sr Director, Technology Business Operations, ESPN


Sharon Braverman, Assistant Dean, Central Connecticut State University School of Business

Joe, I want to thank you and your Hired! Education team for giving a SPA
dynamic presentation yesterday.  All of your words had an extra dynamic
effect because of your combined professional experience in the ‘World of
Sports’ as well as the collegiate world.   I watched the students faces and
they were mesmerized by what you had to you say.

I especially liked the message of ‘reach’  even if you are not confident in
your current ability.   That is something so important to for our students
to learn and “believe”.

Thanks for giving great insights to our students yesterday.   You made a
difference in their outlook for sure.

It gives me great pleasure to be a member of the Hired! Education Advisory Board. Joe Franco, Dave Gleason and Bob Sagendorf served ESPN well during their careers and now, with the addition of Mike Gannon, bring to students and young professionals the very same passion, dedication and direction that made them successful. When partnered with Hired! Education, educational institutions can be assured students will have their knowledge and skills honed for success and are prepared for the future as well as being positioned to compete in the global economy.

One of the great joys of my career revolves around the times we have spent meeting and mentoring high school and college students interested in broadcasting as a career.
You usually meet a unique few who are prepared, and driven, to be the best. After those select few lies the vast majority of young men and women who may have the desire and ability, but lack confidence, a game plan, direction and support to take their aspirations to the highest level. Well now those students have the vehicle to help them maximize their chances for success with HIRED! Education.
Joe Franco, Dave Gleason, Bob Sagendorf and Mike Gannon have put together a winning  formula  that affords young people the access to all the tools needed to be a success in whatever they decide to do. These are successful, hard working, highly principled and dedicated men who have come up with a wonderful program to help our young people achieve their goals!

Hired Education came to Southington High School and gave an enlightening presentation to student-athletes to share with them aspects of leadership, character building, career development focusing on speaking, listening skills, as well as appearance/eye contact. I would recommend this service to all prospective students as they transition from high school to college.

When I was asked to become part of the Hired Education team it was truly an honor. Our entire team brings knowledge, experience, and expertise from many different angles. When I was younger I was lost. I had many ideas, but no direction as far as my career went. I was lucky enough to have the support of my parents, but times change, the economy changes, and qualifications for college, sports, and jobs have skyrocketed. When I sought out colleges and potential Division I softball teams to play for, Hired Education would have been ideal to lead me towards the pathway of professional success, beyond being a Division I athlete. My parents and I went into this process blindly as most other students do. Therefore, I had a lot of learning to do along the way as I went on to become a student-athlete at UMASS Amherst. I had a debilitating fear of public speaking and interviewing. This is something many of us can relate to. Hired Education not only prepares students for theses situations, but the team also serves as professional mentors. I have seen too many friends and teammates whose lives changed dramatically after making poor decisions pertaining to their sport or future. This opportunity allows us help you be successful by learning from our failures and bumps in the road, not yours!

I was a college student in Robert Sagendorf ‘s journalism class and the knowledge and wisdom about not only writing but also media to this day has helped me with my career in Communications after graduating Briarwood College, including working for a local newspaper. I’ve applied the lessons and skills I’ve learned through Mr. Sagendorf through every career opportunity including my position for over 2 years as a leasing agent where communication is key every single day.

I know you meet thousands of students each year, but I sent you my resume and it still blows me away that you took time from your busy schedule to help me. I never did thank you for all of your help. It was because of that symposium at ASU that I was able to successfully represent all of my experience on my resume, and ultimately land me a position with the Philadelphia 76ers.

The Team

Joe Franco
Joe FrancoChairman, Executive Director of Program Development
Joe Franco’s broadcasting career spans five decades. A recipient of four national Emmy awards, Joe helped to pioneer the cable industry. Joe’s career began in 1979 when a new network was in the making in Bristol, Connecticut—the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN). In 1982, Joe left ESPN to join Satellite News Channel as an editor/producer.  After the network’s demise, he accepted a vacation relief position at ABC News in Washington, DC. Joe returned to ESPN for the third and final time in 1985 and held various management positions in production operations. He played a pivotal role in the launch of ESPN’s 24-hour news/information network, ESPN News. In 2009, after 29 years of being on the front lines of live studio and remote productions, Joe became an ambassador for the ESPN brand with his transition to manager of university and diversity relations under human resources. Until 2013, Joe collaborated with more than 150 colleges and universities around the country, and influenced countless young people who were awarded internships, co-ops and entry level opportunities with ESPN. Today, he continues to mentor and build confidence in aspiring students with his partners at Hired! Education, LLC. Joe is a graduate of Southern Connecticut State University with a BA degree in Communications.
Bob Sagendorf
Bob SagendorfChief Operating Officer, Creative Director
Bob Sagendorf is a veteran broadcaster whose career began in his hometown of Naugatuck, Connecticut, and evolved to help create the most popular sports radio network in broadcast history, ESPN Radio. While employed by WCBS-FM in New York City, Bob built one of the most profitable commercial production departments in New York radio. He later branched out into music production with Columbia/Sony Records, working with popular artists including Billy Joel. Bob also helped to produce Rock and Roll Hall of Fame national radio specials and was the primary promotional voice of CBS Radio Sports from 1987-1991. In 1991, Bob became the first employee and one of the primary architects of The ESPN Radio Network, designing and implementing the operational infrastructure. He became the lead voice for many ESPN signature programs. In 2001 he moved back to local radio and television, and for ten years served as news and sports director for WATR-AM. Bob also played a major role in creating CTSN, the Connecticut Sports Television Network (now CPTV Sports), a joint venture between Connecticut Public Television and WFSB-TV Channel 3. He has served as an adjunct instructor of journalism and radio production at Briarwood College (now Lincoln College of New England). He has mentored hundreds of high school students in the greater Waterbury, Connecticut area. Bob holds a BS degree from Trinity College in Business Administration.
Dave Gleason
Dave GleasonChief Administrative Officer
In the more than 30 years that Dave Gleason worked for ESPN, he made his mark in almost every department of the operation, from accounting to scheduling to studio production. He also produced music videos and features for the sports giant, and coordinated numerous aspects of live and recorded shows including SportsCenter, College Gameday, NFL shows, Baseball Tonight and NBA Fast Break. Eventually, his responsibilities evolved to scheduling personnel and facilities for graphics, international talent, ESPN Radio and digital media. By creating new workflows within the ESPN campus and addressing production costs outside of ESPN, Dave saved the company millions of dollars. As a result, he received the sports network’s prestigious STAR award. In 2012, Dave originated an idea that resulted in ESPN producing a 30 for 30 documentary about the old American Basketball Association team, the Saint Louis Spirit and their troubled center, Marvin Barnes.  The film aired in 2013. Dave is a graduate of North Adams State College and holds a BA in sociology with a minor in coaching.
Mike Gannon
Mike GannonChief Financial Officer
Mike Gannon has been a manager or senior manager for well known companies such as Ann Taylor Sportswear, Pepperidge Farm, Godiva Chocolate, Jamesway Department Stores and Speedo Sportswear. He currently works for AECC/Pearlman Buying Group, and serves as vice president and chief financial officer for LADD Holdings LLC. With a master’s degree in education from Western Connecticut State University, Mike taught elementary education in the Naugatuck, Connecticut public school system before becoming the evening education coordinator for Branford Hall Career Institute’s Southington, Connecticut campus. Mike is the past president of the Waterbury, Connecticut Lodge of Elks. He currently serves as the regional supervisor of the Connecticut northwest district. Athletics is also a key element of Mike’s life.  Over the years he has coached baseball, basketball, and soccer. Mike now brings his wealth of knowledge and life experiences to Hired! Education, LLC, where he oversees the company’s business operations. Mike is a graduate of the University of Connecticut, and holds a BA in accounting.
J. Paul Vance Jr.
J. Paul Vance Jr.General Counsel
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